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Tim Reaper - Subaquatic - 12" Vinyl

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Tim Reaper - Subaquatic - 12" Vinyl

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After the incredible 'Dead And Buried EP' Tim Reaper returns to Parallax with this whopper of an EP. The dive into deep-sea levels starts with the Jungle Techno stomper 'Mental Atmosphere' which just carries on as an extension to the last EP. 'Energy Sphere' is a 7 minute monster with many unexpected twists and turns, seductive vocals, grinding jaw-rattling hoovers, and lively pads.

Flip it over and 'Subaquatic' is a retro-futuristic dark Jungle tear out.

'Come to me' moans Medusa and forces you to head-dive into uncertain depths where time means nothing. The EP closes off with a collab with Amsterdam-based Yorobi and this is the beautiful secret winner of them all.

'Rhodiola' is a melancholic stunner that has been around on dub for a while and doesn´t need to make noise to draw attention. We witnessed the reactions first hand, eyes closed sweat-drenched people rubbing off and totally losing it on the floor.