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Thugwidow - Hard Rave Aesthetic EP - 12" Vinyl

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Thugwidow - Hard Rave Aesthetic EP - 12" Vinyl

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After a slew of cassette released long players, appearances on both Blunted Breaks Vol.1 & Rupture’s recent Planet’s series (alongside Dead Man’s Chest), Thugwidow has quickly gained an underground cult following amongst leftfield junglists digging through the fringes of electronica...

‘Hard Rave Aesthetic’ (Thugwidow’s debut solo outing on wax) charges in with all the ferocity the title track suggests; a crescendo of swirling rave stabs giving way to a torrent of rolling drum & bass pressure that hits the dance like dynamite. 'A Cluster Of Angry Repeating Thoughts’ moves into more sombre, atmospheric territory; painterly break edits perform rhythm gymnastics through murky claustrophobic chords, setting the tone for a more restrained & introspective journey on the flip-side.