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Sully - Vacancy / Digitalis - 12" Vinyl

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Sully - Vacancy / Digitalis - 12" Vinyl

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Uncertain Hour - from the Latin mors certa, hora incerta (i.e. death is certain, the hour is uncertain (i.e. you don’t know how long you’ve got so fill that snare drum quota while you have the chance)).

The label will be all Sully productions, all jungle. So no genre hopping, no home listening, no need to preview before purchase etc.

Vacancy - Rose Royce is smeared across spacetime and punctuated with slabs of Winstons shaped concrete. The odd splash of water or cascade of piano keys offers a little respite but it’s generally all about being pummeled with drum transients from every (in)conceivable angle.

Digitalis - Piccolo snares and tambourines get sent flying forwards before spiralling downwards and the golden ratios are picked out on a marimba made of icicles. This is all underpinned and if I’m honest nearly overwhelmed by 40hz test tones built to check your scoops’ driver excursion is suitably maxed out.

DJ Support: Coco Bryce, Dead Man’s Chest, Doc Scott, Foul Play, Fracture, Grade 10 International, Law, Om Unit, Silk Road Assassins.


A. Vacancy

B. Digitalis