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Sonic - 110174 [2 x 12" Vinyl]

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Sonic - 110174 [2 x 12" Vinyl]

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Jasper Byrne AKA Sonic (Sonic & Silver / Accidental Heroes) spent the late 90s & 00s dropping releases on pretty much every legendary D&B label going (Reinforced, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Formation, Virus, Soul:R and his own Space Recordings), before mysteriously disap-pearing to the Far East & re-emerging years later as a hit indy computer games developer (Lone Survivor) & soundtrack artist (Hotline Miami).

After a chance encounter with Dead Man’s Chest at a gig in LA (where Jasper had been working on a game and wholeheartedly soaking up the local Low End Theory music scene), it quickly emerged the two had shared similar musical stories; straying from previous D&B careers and into the musical wilderness, only to drift back toward the tempo with a new found ‘outsider’ approach and eerily familiar conclusions...

After teasing us with 2018’s 110174 mixtape (ltd edition cassette only release) and his appear- ances on Blunted Breaks Vol.1, 2019 sees Sonic mark his return to the world of dance music proper with this two part, heavyweight EP for Western Lore.

Blending techno, footwork, LA bass, hardcore, synthwave and d&b under a loose jungle tekno framework, 110174 sees Sonic crafting beats, breaks & bass with an artisanal deftness rarely seen.