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SCI LIMITED 007 - Repress Series Vol.1 - B-Key - 12" Vinyl

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SCI LIMITED 007 -  Repress Series Vol.1 - B-Key - 12" Vinyl

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Due to popular demand, we’ve dug out the masters for two of the most requested tracks from our back catalogue - B-Key’s Man of Science and The Guitars Tune! And to keep things fresh, we’ve included two previously unreleased tracks…

Originally released in 2011, Man of Science represents the epitome of the Sci Wax sound - dark and militant vibes, rough and rugged beat science, and thunderous weight - dancefloor carnage guaranteed!

Man of Science is joined on the A side by new cut Deep River - a complete contrast in style, all shimmering pads, soft female vox, and rolling Amen - uplifting atmospheric action at its best!

The B side sees us revisit The Guitars Track, a true Sci Wax anthem from B-Key’s debut on the label back in 2010. Straight from the timeless soaring intro, its one to lean your head back, close your eyes, and drift…

The previously unreleased King Riddim closes out the EP in style - a deceptively down tempo intro giving way to a shredded beast of a dubwise workout.