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Rumbleton - Stand Firm Hi-Fi Vol.3 - 12" Vinyl

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Rumbleton - Stand Firm Hi-Fi Vol.3 - 12" Vinyl

The third release from Stand Firm Hi-Fi showcases Rumbleton. 2 cuts of raw drum & bass Junglism, crafted in the traditional breakbeat form, presented on limited edition 12” vinyl.

“Kings Chamber” is a journey into drums, with 2 choice 70’s breaks carrying the brunt of the work. Warm pads take you away into a smokey atmosphere of percussion & bleeps. A running commentary of soundsystem wisdom flows with the track and proclaims Junglist virtues over top of a sub bass that rumbles your structure down to the molecule.

“I Like You” - An off-world soundscape lays the foundation for a storming assault of Amens, on fire off the shoulder of Orion, pads like glittering C-beams, and sub weight that could either be a benefit or a hazard to humanity.

Support from Equinox, Double 0, Mantra, Loxy & Ink, Threshold, Djinn, Stretch, Greenleaf, Flowah, MartianMan, Phuture-T, Charlie Turbo, Ruffhouse, Overlook, Gremlinz.


A1. Kings Chamber

A2. I Like You