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Nebula - Astronomy - Scientific Wax - SWCD002

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Nebula - Astronomy - Scientific Wax - SWCD002

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Astronomy Album Contains 12 tracks featuring lush soundscapes & rugged beats put together with nothing but pure emotions by Nebula, Here’s a few words from Nebula about the album:

"I have tried to make an album which reflects the drum’n’bass I love: deep pads, original breaks, sub bass and science. You will hear influences from the mid 90’s sound which inspired me to make music. This album is dedicated to that sound and the escapism that can be created through lush soundscapes and that feeling of being out in space somewhere".


1. Inner Voice
2. Oceans
3. Cascade
4. Extensions Of Life
5. Dreams Of Earth
6. Natural World
7. Rolling Waves
8. Rarity
9. Midnight Odyssey
10. True Love
11. Be Strong
12. Be Strong Reprise (Featuring – Equinox)

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