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Narc - Small Hours EP - 12" Vinyl

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Narc - Small Hours EP - 12" Vinyl

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Here we go with one of the most valuable records in the steaming pile of Bogwoppas. This one was bootlegged a couple of years ago from dodgy Youtube rips. So we thought we would go all out on an official reissue for you. Sadly the DATs were long since lost in the midst of time. However a NM copy was sourced and a small fortune spent on restoration. The guy who does the restoration usually works on African Jazz music on Shellac records. So he is used to doing his magic on much worse audio. The upshot of the restoration is the 4 tracks sound almost as good as the original masters. Bear in mind it's a 25 year old record with all the crackle and pop that goes along with that. We've tried to polish these turds without ruining the original vibe too much. The audio samples are the masters we used for production so you can hear them before buying.


A1. Equatorial Bass

A2. Future World

B1. Voodoo

B2. Midnight Massacre