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Martian Man - mM005 - 12" Vinyl

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Martian Man - mM005 - 12" Vinyl

Artist: Martian Man
Title: MM005
Label: Martian Man
Cat Number: MM005

martianMan returns with 4 jungle influenced tracks. Echos is an amen science excursion. Plenty of emotion carries this tune through your sound system and into your ears. After the dark beginning you are taken to the land of beautiful pads. Finally breaking you down at the end with some sound clash MCing before moving into the final, DJ friendly outro.

Metaluna is a journey like martians used to make back in the days before man. After the Dune sample intro you are taken to a funky bass underneath a most filthy break. Then you are taken to some both dark and moody pads. Then without expecting it towards what seems to be the end, an amen break comes in and the tune seems to come alive again. Vocal samples from the 1955 film This Island Earth come in  here and youre journey is complete with the original filthy break reappearing with new synth darkness accompanied by a techno bleeping loop.

Vikings is an apache onslaught with a friendly reminder to never mess with Jack. The breakdown makes you screaming inside with content, only to be glazed over with the funky break that is a bit of a drumfunk vibe until it reaches the final ache outro.

Rain Falls uses a sample Frankie Knuckles Rain Falls tune and puts it under an amen. This is a chill tune for the most part, with comfortable darkness pads coming in to let you know its going to change. When it reaches the 129 mark the vibe changes from niceness and semi darkness to a stoned out dark vibe that lasts to the end. When the last break comes in prepare for your eyes to pop, your skin to explode, and then everybody is dead. ENJOY.


A1. Echoes


A2. Metaluna


B1. Vikings

B2. Rain Falls