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Mani Festo - Hold the Line EP - 12" Vinyl

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Mani Festo - Hold the Line EP - 12" Vinyl

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Fresh from the frontiers of modern jungle, Rupture returns with a monolithic EP from new-comer Mani Festo. The tightly textured breaks of “Immortal” create the foundation for a set of stabs that will cut through even the foggiest dance floor; while “Awake” balances a dreamy pad atop cascading percussion and a thick, rumbling bass line. On the flip, snatches of 808 claps flicker in the shadows of heavily crushed drums before a familiar sample of off-world blues noir flows across the entire operation in “Hold the Line’’ – a track that has earned a lot of attention since being on heavy rotation in Rupture residents’ DJ sets. Finally, closing track “Warehouse Theory” stacks disembodied organ riffs over driving breaks to round off Mani Festo’s debut Rupture release.