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Manaia Toa - Dredd Tune (AbstractDrumz Relick)/Rainbow Tune/Higher - HWR 1202 - 12" Vinyl

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Manaia Toa - Dredd Tune (AbstractDrumz Relick)/Rainbow Tune/Higher - HWR 1202 - 12" Vinyl

Back from the depths of hell HEADWOUND RECORDINGZ return with a second vinyl release bringing you more chaos drenched DARKSIDE HARDCORE JUNGLE nonsense!

ABSTRACT DRUMZ absolutely destroys Manaia Toa's "Dredd Tune" with his "Injection of FIlth" Relick. Coarse chopped to all buggery amens and devestating distorted bass line rewinds punctuate Dredd’s disciplinary drawl….”I am the laaaaaaaaahhhhhwww!!” Tune of 2019 for sure!

MANAIA TOA plunges us back to the early 90's with his uber hardcore hit "Rainbow Tune". Your childhood memories are absolutley ruined as Zippy is continually chastised and taunted over a cascade of classic 1991 power breaks, sinister pads, RUFF distorted bass stabs and SIRENS! You are naughty Zippy! YES I KNOW! Hehehehehehrhrhrrhrhrhrhh

Finally "Higher" rounds off the hell bound disc with tearing Amens, Acen samples and Gregorian Chants! AND HUUUGGGGEEEEE SSSTTTTAAABBBSSS, cos every one loves stabs…Well we at HEADWOUND do no question!

In the words of the immortal Meffry McMefferson:

"BUY. ON. SIGHT!!!!! jheeeeeze, there are no words to describe the beat brutality of this release!! The Noise aka Lord of Distortion James Manaia Toa flexing the OG which is raw in itself but then income the trenchman, the beat manipulator, the carkside specialist, Adrian Dabdrumz on the relick adding a next level of nastiness wit a splattering of filth!!! Faaaaaack, can't wait for this to brutalise the stacks in dem beat warzones!!! And check the ard ardkore bungalism Rainbow beat, from the mind of a Manaia(c), zero prisoners taken on the fantastically distorted hit of breakbeat pressure, pluck sake!!! Get on it!!!"