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Kyam - SUBTLE023 - 12" Vinyl

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Kyam - SUBTLE023 - 12" Vinyl

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Ever since Kyam sent his track 'NOLA' through, we knew he'd be an artist to watch and now a few years after it's release on the 'Decade In Breakbeat' compilation we're following up with a 3 track solo 12".

'Sigh' kicks things off with it's wistful guitar notes counterpointed by some heavy hitting beats. Kyam rolls it back to his band playing days on this one, also jamming on a bass guitar to compliment the lead lick.

Things really kick off during the breakdown - a wailing, distorted guitar sound coming to the fore, and once the beats drop back in, we're into overdrive !! The main motif later combines with the edgy riffs to give a bitter / sweet ending to this unique piece of D&B. Imagine The Prodigy's 'Voodoo People' crossed with Photek's remix of Therapy? ... it's kinda like that (!)

The flip side is probably more what you would expect from our camp - 'Fernweh' combines a snappy drumfunk style with a wicked bouncing b-line. Pitched chimes and airy drawn out atmospherics add to the vibe before a darker brass sound leads a more introspective 2nd drop. Dancefloor business Subtle Audio style !

'Trinket' is definitely the most frenetic of the 3 tracks here, featuring all manner of edits, filters, echoes, cuts n chops. The drum acrobatics are kept in check by a booming bassline, a soothing, repeated refrain and some dubbed out sonics. It all builds up to a swell of strings n synths at the end which seem to be the perfect ending to both the track and the release as a whole.