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Fracture - Big Up the Ladies EP - 12" Vinyl

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Fracture - Big Up the Ladies EP - 12" Vinyl

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Fracture returns to the fast lane in 2019 with "Big Up The Ladies" EP - four fresh and futuristic, genre defying cuts that build on the momentum of the London producers recent ‘turbo’ experiments that side steps the turbo-berghain-esque intensity of 2018’s Dropping You and Turbo Toms and pivot for the dance hall.

Title track "Big Up The Ladies" is a positive party starter full of swagger and powerful hooks on top of a driving 4/4 kick and half time clap rhythm.

"Percussion Sweet" continues the fresh patterns while adding edgy vocal stutters and a searing reese breakdown propelling the listener towards a perilous mix of jacking 909 hi hats and trademark bass stabs. Turbo in full swing.

"Verhoeven" switches up the techno kick patterns in favour of an 808 bounce to deliver an ambitious electro fused bubbler which as Fracture explains is ‘like a scene in a future-society film when the main character enters a disorientating subterranean club with loads of weird and wonderful people coming in and out of shot”

Finally "Sci-Fi Tramp" closes the EP with a sense of sleazy uneasiness viewed from behind a pair of mirrored shades. Alarming bass womps jack the listener straight into the system to hack the rave and get the hell out...

Big Up The Ladies is released on 12" & Digital on 12th April 2019 on Fracture's own Astrophonica imprint and follows the label's huge Fracture curated "Gradients Vol.2" compilation featuring Luke Vibert, DieMantle (DJ Die & Dismantle), Dream Continuum (Om Unit & Machinedrum), Falty DL, Fracture, Taso (Teklife), Sully, Moresounds, Proc Fiskal (Hyperdub), Sam Binga, Lewis James, Rider Shafique and more. As ever the release is accompanied by ever incredible art and design from Utile.

It's a party yo! Come celebrate the sheer brilliance of catching a vibe... and.... Big Up The Ladies!