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Fanu - 12-Bit / Drums For Freedom - 12" Vinyl

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Fanu - 12-Bit / Drums For Freedom - 12" Vinyl

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Having rounded off 2018 in style with his debut EP for the mighty Metalheadz, Fanu the beat manipulator opens 2019 with a bang. Marking the return of Straight Up Breakbeat - the 1st jungle / drum’n’bass label out of Finland established 1996 - Fanu delivers two majestic pieces of music.

12-bit sits nicely at 155 BPM mark, sounding fresh and vintage at the same time. Smooth pads coupled with drum patterns only a select few can construct.

The double A-side steps into jazzier mode but makes sure not to fake the funk. Tight beats and a half-tempo surprise at the end.