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Double O / Gremlinz & Jesta / Effra - Mars [Coloured 12" Vinyl]

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Double O / Gremlinz & Jesta / Effra - Mars [Coloured 12" Vinyl]

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Entering the red planet with turbulent fury, Double O kicks up a dust cloud with “Martian Soil,” an amen workout layered in dissonant pads worthy of the war god’s namesake. Gremlinz & Jesta continue dropping the pressure on “Recourse”, whose iron drums are bolstered by rumbling bass, threaded with hypnotic inner planetary transmissions. Finally, we warmly welcome Effra to the Rupture camp. “In Breaks We Trust” pulsates across the tense percussive landscape like a beacon from the abandoned Martian ice cap...


X1. Double O - Martian Soil

Y1. Gremlinz & Jesta - Recourse

Y2. Effra - In Breaks We Trust