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DLR, Break, Randall & Ulterior Motive - Sofa Sound 002 - 12" Vinyl

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DLR, Break, Randall & Ulterior Motive - Sofa Sound 002 - 12" Vinyl

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Next up from Sofa Sound is the forthcoming collaborations from drum & bass heavyweights DLR, Break, Randall and Ulterior Motive, a collective who’ve all helped to pioneer the genre whilst staying inherently underground. Whilst Break and Randall have laid its foundations, producers like DLR and Ulterior Motive have shaped the more contemporary scene, although both tracks signify the colossal engineering standards of each featuring artist. The established names also bring their weight to Sofa Sound’s back catalogue, which has expanded since its creation by DLR in 2017. DLR, Break and Randall come together for lead track ‘Song & Dance’, an old-school reminiscent roller with snipped up, mc-lead vocal samples and jazzy instrumentals. The energy between all three artists is instantly recognisable, with Randall’s old-school approach shining through each layer. On top of strung guitar notes and a hook which nods to its namesake, ‘Song & Dance’ blends a mixture of styles to present a versatile addition to Sofa Sound. Next comes ‘Modules’, featuring a combination of sonics recorded through Ulterior Motive’s modular set up. The ruminating drums and basses brought from the collections of their collaborators deliver its funkier elements, with the bassline fluctuating between notes and twisting its way through a melodic undertow. Alongside its unusual structure, the track’s organic approach and frequent switches grab its listener unaware. Another imperative release on Sofa Sound, the imprint has shown its commitment to artists from across the spectrum, through both its digital releases and physical discography additions.


a. DLR, Break & Randall - Song & Dance

b. DLR & Ulterior Motive - Modules