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DJ Gaff & Cityspeak - OWC001 - 12" Vinyl

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DJ Gaff & Cityspeak - OWC001 - 12" Vinyl

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Off-world Colonies is a label set up by myself, martianMan to release tunes under two aliases, DJ Gaff & Cityspeak. This is another outlet for me to continue being creative. While the concept is heavily influenced by the film Blade Runner, it is also influenced by the industrial future that most science fiction depicts, While remembering the music from the past were are able to shape the future.

A1 - DJ Gaff - Technology is a soap opera in a tune. It’s a journey into the future with it’s feet firmly planted in the past. From the beats to the bass to the strings, through the switches and changes and programming - this tune is one that I’m quite proud of. I hope you enjoy it too.

A2 - DJ Gaff & Cityspeak is the one I call “Digital Tune” in my head because it reminds me a bit of his style. Layered breaks and deep bass are moving right along with nothing to stop them. The cool breakdown at the last drop is a nice touch, I think.

B1 - DJ Gaff - Dream Mechanics is very much influenced by the reinforced sound that I remember. Donnie Darko samples are a nice touch and the percussion the comes in on the last stretch before the end is what sets this off.

B2 - Cityspeak - Skinjob is an old school style amen jungle tune. That’s just about all i need to say. If you like old amen jungle then i’m sure you’re going to love this.



A1. DJ Gaff - Technology

A2. DJ Gaff & Cityspeak - This Feeling

B1. DJ Gaff - Dream Mechanics

B2. Cityspeak - Skinjob