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Digital & Spirit - The Revolution EP Pt. 1 - 12" Vinyl

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Digital & Spirit - The Revolution EP Pt. 1 - 12" Vinyl

Digital & Spirit return to Phantom Audio once more with one of their most heavyweight selections of recent times. Two bonafide classics in their own right, Digital’s ‘Deadline’ and Spirit's ‘Redial’, have come together to once more wreak havoc on dance floors worldwide in the shape of 'Deaddial'. Next we have the cavernous subs and ethereal pads of ‘Revolution’ which both agree is one of their favourite works. ‘Phantom 2018’ reworks the timeless classic ‘Phantom Force’ into a new blend of dance floor destruction as those thumping tones and crashing beats are once again sparked into life for a quirkier yet equally devastating interpretation. Finally, what would 2018 be without a mammoth dub-tinged amen workout from the duo, unlike no other in ‘Small World’.

A1. Deaddial

B1. Revolution