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Desired State - King Nightmare - 12" Vinyl

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Desired State - King Nightmare - 12" Vinyl

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Desired State are back again on Liftin Spirit Reloaded with an EP from the early years of the RAM and Liftin Spirit HQ spanning 1991 to 1994. Previously unreleased tracks have surfaced in the archives and are presented here on one heavy weight EP.

King Nightmare (1994), The Message (1993), Duckin' and Divin' (1992) and Asid (1991) make up the package. Desired State's second ever release was an EP on Strategy Records in 1992 just before the inception of Ram Records. Duckin’ and Divin’ had always been a favourite from that release and now sees the light of day once again some 27 years later. Professionally restored and remastered from vinyl to form part of this 4 track EP.