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Coco Bryce - Ayakashi EP - 7th Storey Projects - 7TH 12019 (Digital)

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Coco Bryce - Ayakashi EP - 7th Storey Projects - 7TH 12019 (Digital)

7th Storey Projects is pleased to welcome back the Myor Massiv head honcho for his 3rd release on our label.

Earlier this year, Coco Bryce travelled to Tokyo and Osaka for a small series of gigs. Thoroughly impressed by his experiences there, upon returning home, he immediately took to crafting a slew of jungle and hip hop tracks, heavily influenced by everything he'd seen, heard, felt and tasted in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The ep kicks off with its title track, Ayakashi. Dark, fierce and mysterious like the mythical creatures it was named after, it builds up slowly, utilizing a combination of chopped up Japanese percussion, haunting flutes and Hot Pants breaks, before switching to full on Amen assault mode halfway through the tune.

Shinjuku is one of Tokyo's most well known wards, and also the place where Coco found the records from which the samples were sourced to construct this number: a turntablism beat/scratch album, and a compilation of traditional work songs, this particular one originating from the gold mines of the island of Hokkaido.

On the B1 track, Kaguya, he takes a more gentle approach: sweet, yet melancholic, like the Miyazaki movie of the same name.

The ep is rounded off with Hotaru, which borrows from an entirely different source of inspiration, namely DJ Krush's abstract take on boom bap hip hop. Shards of mid-90s Mo Wax are blended with anime samples, making for a solid two and a half minutes of Golden Era-esque head nodding.