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Bay B Kane ‎– Spandangle Selection Volume 4 - 12" Vinyl

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Bay B Kane ‎– Spandangle Selection Volume 4 - 12" Vinyl

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During Bay B Kanes time at Whitehouse Records, he produced alongside Remarc, he became inspired by Remarc’s Sound Murderer/Drum & Bass wise tracks, this inspired the creation of Pussy Raw mix.

Cupid having only ever been available on a short promo run of 300, now available as full release.

Needle to the skin being intended for Mystro ep part 2, but sadly wasn’t to be.

Words from Bay B Kane on The Limit (Captains Log Mix). Do you remember how Star Trek the series used to start every episode? Space the final frontier, captains log, star, date… and so forth, mission: to explore the outer limits of space and go where no man has gone before? The idea came from that. So I was exploring the limits of jungle and recording it in my log. And it just so happens that the sample used in the intro is from a group called “The Limit” and the track it’s sampled from is called “POP”.