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AKO10 Series Presents: DJ Trax - 10" Red Vinyl

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AKO10 Series Presents: DJ Trax - 10" Red Vinyl

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The next installment to the AKO10 collection and this is one of the reasons why we started this series. DJ Trax one of the oldskool dons from the legendary Moving Shadows label. This is DJ Trax debut on AKO and what a way to to start with two stunning and we mean stunning tracks.

The Truth is what we like call hypnotic soulful jungle and when you finally get a copy you will agree. This has been played in AKO HQ every day since we agreed to take it for the label. Stunning intro with a vocal and when the amen and subs come in it will gives you goosebumps. Words will do this track no justice it’s just simply BEAUTIFUL.

Love Lies (the soul) – This track is another incredible soulful track that compliments what this release is all about bringing back that deep soulful vibe in the music where you can just close your eyes and let it take you away. Another track where words do it no justice.

A1. The Truth

B1. Small World