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2 Bad Mice - Gone Too Soon EP - Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

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2 Bad Mice - Gone Too Soon EP - Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

Club life would never be the same again now that he had left the building. He was gone and so too would this place be very soon. The world mourned the last dancer, out the door he had walked never to return to a floor in which he had spent many a night lost under the glowing lights and disco balls. His movement had been legendary, the talk of the town. Now all that was left was an eerie shadow and an empty space where he had used to stand. This night was for him, they would move in honour. The night had only just begun. Let's ride.


UK pioneers, rave fanatics and living legends 2 Bad Mice return with a bang. Social Sneaker Club release the first EP from the three since 2004 in what marks a landmark occasion for UK rave culture.

A1. Limit Of Paradise


A2. Snake Charmer


B1. Gone Too Soon

B2. Zero Fifteen